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Need hope?

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What is Hope?

Hope is a central part of life and emotional well-being. It is the belief that the future will bring something positive.
Hope enables you to persevere during uncertainty, adversity and hardship. When hope is absent, despair sets in. It is much easier to give up if you have the belief that the future will hold insurmountable obstacles. People with high hope tend to feel more at ease and motivated to reach goals.

What is Hopelessness?

• Hopelessness is an attitude about your circumstances. It is a viewpoint more than a reality.

• Hopelessness is caused by a perception that the future will bring only negative things.

• The more you hope for a particular outcome, the greater the sense of pain and sorrow if it does not occur.

• Preventing yourself from developing hope in the service of avoiding potential sorrow and disappointment in the future will only increase pain in the long run.

• Hopelessness can be so painful that it can lead to depression and thoughts of suicide.

How to Find Hope in Difficult Times

• Hope ultimately comes from your relationship with loved ones. It is created when you are encouraged by other people’s positive attitude and reminded of how important you are to them.

• Think of setbacks and limitations as challenges rather than failures.

• Hope can be transferred from one person to another. Maintain contact with positive and upbeat people.

• Try viewing the problem in the best possible light. This is not the same as denying that the problem exists.

• Hopelessness can represent untreated depression. You may need to consult with a psychologist.

• If you feel “down in the dumps,” avoid criticizing yourself or others. These patterns increase suffering and isolation.

Instead of giving in or giving up, people with hope often see problems as challenges to overcome. Hope empowers you to take the next step even when it seems impossible.

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